A young girl in her age of innocence discovers Rehak, a magical drawing hidden behind her bedroom wall.

Genre: Fantasy/Tale/Adventure
Running time: 7 minutes
Cast: Ruby Rae, Sarah-Stephanie, Victoria Ashford
Writer-Director: Pierre B
Producers: Pierre B, Gaëlle Rikam B
Cinematographer: Xavier Dolléans
Production Designer: Subhankar Dutta
Music by: Gareth Dawson
Production: Infeel Creative Ltd.

The first idea for REHAK arose from the desire to talk about the loss of the imagination in the adult mind.
I often hear that cartoons are for kids. When do we lose this child's soul which makes the impossible possible? With REHAK I wanted to go in search of this lost soul.
One of my flagship references about this story is the book 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The story of this well-known French book is how people grow up and end up forgetting their childlike imagination which is, sometimes, even more rational than the adult mind that is corrupted by the system.
The very short format, 5-7 minutes, forces me to remain focused on the main idea which is the paradox of the reality of our imagination.
My intention with REHAK is to rekindle this magic which makes us believe wholeheartedly in the incredible and in the supernatural.